Our Story

A child’s mind is like a sponge; absorbing all that is placed before it. Therefore, it is pertinent to equip them with words as well as vivid and beautiful illustrations, so that they can develop an understanding of the world. Our books are an ideal formative-learning tool for your child to identify colors, numbers, animals, words and increase their vocabulary. Children respond to what they read in ways beyond our wildest imagination. Not only do they gain an unquantifiable knowledge about their body, mind and feelings, they understand their heritage, culture and the world in which they live.

Reading to children is essential for their development. More so, multiple-language reading for children is beneficial as it enhances their cognitive development by giving them a more flexible approach to solving problems, as well as promoting high-level abstract thinking.

Founded in 2019, verijean books is guided by the sole principle of the imperativeness of a child’s development.

Our mission is to offer the illustrative learning of our traditional storytelling to children.


Veronica Torres is now focusing her talents upon becoming an entrepreneur through creating educational books for babies and toddlers.

Since having her now two-year-old daughter named Maia, she realized how much she enjoyed reading to her and watching her learn and grow everyday. She wants to share these fun and educational reading activities with other parents. Veronica has written four educational books on basic everyday learning skills for children, which will be self-published. Her books are also bilingual in English-Spanish and (soon-to-be) French. She enjoys learning new languages, especially due to her love of traveling.


A Fine arts student from Poland, Paulina Kozłowska is making her first steps in the way to fulfill her biggest dream  becoming a full time illustrator.

She is doing her best to develop her drawing style, and to be able to create more and more original and magical illustrations for young readers. As a workaholic and a person with her head always in the clouds, she tries to transform her ideas into reality and keeps working with newer projects. She wants her work to inspire children and encourage them to get to know the world better, making them laugh at the same time.

You can see more of her works on Instagram account @purpleume